sports science


sports science It is applied science in biological sciences. which has a purpose to study and research By studying the effects of sports or exercise combined with specialized techniques. To develop and increase the potential of the athlete’s body to be more effective by sports science It is the application of many fields of science to come. especially health science Sports science is therefore very closely related to medicine or medical science. Sports science is divided into

1. Sports Physiology

Physiology refers to the study of functions of various organs. living in the human body And exercise refers to the work of skeletal muscles. for the body to move according to its purpose with the operation of various systems to support Encourage more effective exercise
exercise physiology will study about Mechanisms of response and adaptation to exercise and training changes in the nervous system changes in the musculoskeletal system Endocrine and metabolic changes Changes in the respiratory-circulatory system Changes in the temperature control system and physiological effects from physical training

2. Sports biomechanics

by biomechanics It is a word that comes from the combination of two words, namely Biology, which refers to matters relating to living things. Mechanisms are the study of the forces that cause an object to balance motion. Therefore, biomechanics will study, analyze, and research on the subject. movement of athletes in various postures based on mechanical theory in human life and applied in sports training injury prevention Developing sports equipment to enhance performance in the next competition, such as how to swing the arm best.

3. Sports nutrition

Nutrition is the science of eating food. And the body will use it to benefit. A good, valuable food must be high in nutrients. especially nutrients that provide energy which will play a large role in physical activity or physical activity So sports nutrition An initial study of food that provides energy for sports. The size and quality of food that should be served in different sports.

4. Sports psychology

Psychology is a subject that studies behavior. or human behavior, including Attempts to study what is or what variables are In any situation involving the occurrence of various behaviors, such information will enable predictions. or can be predicted by using guidelines or methods Science is an analytical tool, so sports psychology studies the behavior of athletes. mental preparation strength of mind

5.Sports engineering and technology

is a science that provides knowledge about invention, the use of tools and equipment to support the development, promotion and problem solving Flaws to athletes to enhance the development of sports to excellence in today’s era. Alone with physical preparation And persistent training may not be enough. because now in many countries there has been a body of knowledge Science and technology have been applied in the development of sports by creating modern tools and equipment, both personal equipment. as well as field equipment For those who play sports for exercise material knowledge It will help sports players to choose equipment that is suitable for their body type, sport and financial resources, in addition to considering only the appearance and beauty of the equipment.


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Compiled by : Ms. Jutharat Chaisan, General Administration Officer Department of Sports Science and Health 

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