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Physical fitness generally improves from childhood to its peak and begins to decline with age. Therefore, good health is indicative or fundamental to good physical fitness. As well, physical fitness is a measure of the body’s ability to perform various activities effectively.

definition of physical fitness
Physical fitness or fitness refers to the ability of a person to use systems to perform any activity related to expression. which the physical ability to be effective or hard for a period of time without showing signs of tiredness to appear and can recover back to normal in a short time People with good physical fitness tend to be physically fit. Cheerful mind, good personality, high self-confidence and work efficiently

General Physical  fitness
according to physical integrity testing standards The tests were classified into 7 types:
1. Speed ​​is the body’s ability to move from one place to another. with the duration of the movement involved, which requires the least amount of time
2. Muscle Power is the ability of a group of muscles to work. (extension and contraction of the muscles) at maximum exertion which is done in a short time and does not cause fatigue once, such as standing and jumping long distances
3. Muscle Strength is the ability of a group of muscles to work at maximum exertion. by the muscles that contract only once without any time limit, such as lifting weights, etc.
4. Muscle endurance is the ability of the muscle to perform repetitive contractions to resist moderate resistance for a long time.
5. Agility is the ability of the body to move or move in the shortest amount of time. with control to change the direction of movement with speed and precision
6. Flexibility is the ability to move over the entire range of motion of a joint.
7. General endurance is the ability to perform functions of various systems in the body that work for a long time and efficiently, such as the cardiovascular system.

The importance of enhancing physical fitness
Physical fitness is important. To empower people to be able to carry out their missions and live effectively Fluency, agility, emotional development and good mind perfection of body and mind correlated When physical health is complete, mental health is good as well.

Good physical performance increases the efficiency of various systems. in the body to work better have resistance Disease, shape and proportions of the body improved. Efficient work with good personality able to move with grace

Special Physical Fitness is the ability The specific functions of the mechanisms in the body that are effective include:
1. Balance is the balance of the body while stationary or moving.
2. Power is the instantaneous movement of the body. where the body exerts a lot of force
3. Agility is a quick and efficient change of direction. The body can control movement.
4. speed is ability to move your body rapidly from one place to another
5. moving time It is the movement of a part of the body from one point to another, such as measuring the movement time of the arm and shoulder by crossing the ball as far as possible.
6. reaction time is the amount of time needed to move to respond to specific stimuli
7. working relationship It is the command of the nervous system and muscles. to have a relationship

When considering physical performance throughout a person’s life, it is found that physical fitness will continue to improve from childhood. reach the high point peak during the age of 30, after that, physical fitness and maturity will begin to decline accordingly.

Good health is the foundation of good physical fitness, so performance is an indicator of the body’s ability to perform various activities effectively. And to make exercise effective and meet our needs. We should know our fitness level first in order to properly design methods and guidelines for developing systems.

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Compiled by : Ms. Jutharat Chaisan, General Administration Officer Department of Sports Science and Health 

Physical fitness is important. To help build people to be able to carry out missions and live effectively. including making a person free from disease and has strength, durability, and agility to carry out daily tasks well. It also contributes to both mental and emotional development at the same time.

Physical Fitness Test
means measurement and evaluation The complete strength of the body or physical performance in areas such as muscle strength , Muscular Endurance, Speed , Agility, Flexibility. ), Endurance of the circulatory and respiratory system , etc.

fitness test benefits
1. The results of the test can be used as a guideline in determining the form and method of exercise suitable for the physical condition.
2. The results of both pre- and post-exercise tests can be compared to assess progress.
3. The results of the test can be used to preliminarily diagnose physical disabilities that are likely to cause health problems.
4. The results of the physical fitness test can be used as a guide for the selection of athletes of the trainers.

International Committee Standard of Physical Fitness Test : ICSPFT
Contains 5 subtest items.
1.  50 Meter Sprint  when giving an input signal Stand with one foot close to the starting line. when hearing the release signal To run at full speed until the finish line.
2.Standing Broads Sit-up  Place both sticks in the center of the circle opposite the starting line. Stand with one foot close to the starting line. When ordered to go, run to pick up a piece of wood and place it in the circle behind the starting line. Then turned around and ran to pick up another piece of wood, put it in the same way as the first one, and ran over. Do not throw the logs If it doesn’t fit inside the circle, start over.
3.  40 Meter Shuttl Run Stand at the start line with both feet close to the starting line. Swing both arms back, knees bent and bowed. When you get a rhythm, swing your arms to the sides and jump with both feet forward as far as you can. Use a measuring stick perpendicular to the distance mark. If you lose your back or your hand touches the ground, do it again.
4. Trunk Forward Flexion  Both feet were on the edge of the table. Both legs are straight. Put the two thumbs together gently. bowed forward stretch both arms Slide down along the ruler until you can no longer bend down. Do not bend your knees or tilt your body to one side or bend hard.
5. Distance Run 1,000 meters for men aged 12 years and over 800 meters for women aged 12 years and over When signaling, stand with one of your feet close to the starting line. minimal The speed should be kept constant. If unable to run, may stop walking and continue running. or continue walking until the end of the distance The timer will call the time of the finisher one by one. Record the time in minutes and seconds.

A fitness test is very necessary. Therefore, a physical fitness test must be performed. in order to know the ability of the body in each aspect You can choose exercise activities to suit your physical condition. Make the development of physical fitness most effective. can be used to check their own physical abilities that physical fitness mechanical movement ability and the functioning of various systems at what level of the body This will be a guideline that will be used to improve. and strengthening the body As a result, people are able to live and carry out daily tasks very well and efficiently.

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Compiled by : Ms. Jutharat Chaisan, General Administration Officer Department of Sports Science and Health 


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