Organizational structure

Responsible workload Center for Cultural and Sports Promotion

Center for Cultural and Sports Promotion has defined a structure to divide the department into 4 divisions as follows:

Its main mission is to support and facilitate the operations of the Cultural and Sports Promotion Center. Driving general administration and administrative tasks Manage the plans and budgets of the departments. See the document and document system. Set up a system and operate the procurement process. Supply of equipment Check and view the agency’s finances and accounts. including managing the service system of the sports and health center To facilitate the operation of various departments, including the preservation of arts and culture. Teaching Support Department of Sports Science and Health Design and develop other work systems related Support the work of building a network of cooperation (MOU) of the agency, including finding ways to manage problems and support continuous development of various works, consisting of 5 tasks as follows:

1) Admin and Correspondence Responsible for managing the work of documents and documents in the center of the agency. Operate the digital office management (DOMS), the central document system of the agency, receive – send documents according to the work system of the control agency, monitor the use of the digital office management system (DOMS) of personnel in the agency Support and facilitate the work in the director’s mission Documents and other related books inside and outside Drive work according to the central policy of the university such as 5S energy saving. including organizing meetings of various departments and meetings according to the mission of the agency

 2) Work plans, budgets and personnel management systems responsible for budget management budget analysis and planning Make a request for a budget for the university’s fiscal year, including making a project proposal for external budget support in accordance with the agency’s mission; Report on performance according to the university’s monitoring mechanism, such as a report on risk management results. Internal Control and Quality Assurance analyze and make a manpower rate plan Coordinating the recruitment and recruitment of personnel of the agency’s personnel development plan. Collect data on value indicators and workload of personnel and units. Supervise and follow up on the mission of the departments according to the assessment criteria of the university departments. and support the work of building a network of cooperation (MOU) in the mission of the agency

3) Procurement, procurement, supplies and building work Responsible for designing and laying out the procurement system of the agency to be accurate and with the same standards, planning and implementing the procurement process according to the university’s procedures, such as establishing the scope of work or detailing the specifics of the work ( TOR) and median price Prepare a letter to appoint a committee involved in procurement work (PR) Prepare documents related to procurement of work agencies according to the limit of not more than 100,000 baht (Chor. 7) Planning management Manage the agency’s property registration. Check the property registration, coordinate the preparation of documents, books, and facilitate the building work.

 4) Finance and Income Responsible for planning and designing work systems related to money and accounting. Receiving money – remittance of income and prepare reports to send money and accounts. Coordinate the issuance of receipts on a daily basis, screen, examine the disbursement documents related to finance of the agency’s work, monitor, supervise and report the results of borrowing advances of the agency in accordance with the regulations of the University. Documentation facility financial related forms cost analysis Prepare invoice documents Fee rates, maintenance fees and agency service fees Summary and monthly income report of the agency.

 5) Information system and corporate communication It is responsible for collecting and analyzing the information needs of the agency. Design and develop information related work to provide services give support Organize training on information systems related to the operation of personnel in the unit Design and produce information media according to the needs of various departments or coordinate with relevant departments in the design and production of information media of the agency. Planning and driving public relations both internally and externally both in the form of news and online media, banner, other public relations as appropriate, supervise, reply and create social media channels (Facebook, Web, YouTube, Mail, and Line, etc.)

It is responsible for developing, promoting, and supporting the creation of a living art and cultural learning resource. through the process of studying, researching, gathering knowledge on arts and culture Upgrading ancient sites in the university area as well as to preserve, conserve, restore, carry on and develop arts and culture sustainably. and create a network of cooperation through integration of all sectors and artistic and cultural exchanges at local, national and international levels. To drive the university to be the center of arts and culture in the south (Cultural hub) consists of 3 events as follows:

1) Academic and research work in arts and culture Responsible for research studies in arts and culture Archaeological history of Tumbang Ruins and other ancient sites in the southern area By creating research collaborations between university professors and experts with external expertise. through the development of the ancient site of Tumbang to be a living and modern learning center Upgrading the Asian Journal of Arts and Culture from a national journal to an international level Develop standardized training courses including academic information services on arts and culture

2) Conservation, promotion and dissemination of arts and culture It is responsible for the preservation and promotion of traditions, religions, arts and cultures. data warehouse and a database system for arts and culture disseminate knowledge of art and culture to the public through modern information media Reinforce the values, Thai identity, Thainess and integrate the mission of preserving arts and culture with other missions to encourage students to Personnel and outsiders are aware of the value of Thai arts and culture. by driving the creation of a network of cultural cooperation partners within and outside the university including website development and disseminating information on arts and culture to the public

3) Promotion and development of learning resources on arts and culture in the south It is responsible for driving the Southern Arts and Culture learning center to become the leading living learning center in the South. by promoting and developing rotating exhibitions and permanent exhibitions within the learning center through modern technology media which consists of 1) City of Civilization Exhibition Hall 2) trade station exhibition room 3) The drum exhibition room 4) The City of the Zodiac Exhibition Room 5)Nakhon Si Thammarat Kingdom Exhibition Hall 6) Nakhon Muang Phra Exhibition Room 7) the exhibition room of the local lifestyle, the way of the south, 8) the exhibition room continuing the traditions of the south; and 9) the exhibition room for the skin of Lung, Nora dance, including organizing training for youth development as young guides to carry on the culture from generation to generation. Organize a short-term training course on arts and culture in the south To create a model community in arts and culture as well as to develop archaeological sites in Walailak University area, such as Tumbang Ruins Ban Noen Brick Ancient Site and wat chan ok – mon tok To be a learning center and tourist attraction in the history of archeology important in the south

sports science department born out of vision Ideas and ideas of executives who see the value Sports and health development using sports science and good sports management principles To be the most comprehensive and complete center for sports science and health rehabilitation in the south and neighboring countries It is a source of professional experience for students of sport and exercise science courses or related courses. is a sports training center To strengthen and restore the competence of athletes at the national and international level. as well as being the most comprehensive and complete health rehabilitation center in the south and neighboring countries, consisting of 4 events as follows:

 1) Academic work and teaching support It is responsible for supporting teaching and research management, as well as learning resources for practical training and professional experience for students in Sports and Exercise Science of Walailak University and its networked universities or organizations. MOUs from both domestic and international Develop research with the school, including academic networks in sports science outside the university. and disseminating academic information to students Personnel and interested persons To encourage and encourage more exercise for health.

 2) Testing and enhancing physical fitness It is responsible for physical fitness testing and enhancing physical fitness. by providing physical fitness testing services, analyzing and assessing physical performance for students, personnel, as well as outsiders and provide advice on how to arrange a program to enhance physical fitness that is appropriate for the physical condition in health care and the development of athletic potential of the university To encourage students, staff, athletes and outsiders to realize the value of sports science. by stimulating and encouraging exercise using sports science tools correctly

 3) academic service Training in sports science It is responsible for providing academic services and training in sports science. It is driven to be the center of academic service. Training seminars on sports science in the south by promoting and supporting the provision of academic services with departments within the university and members of the sports science network outside the university The Sports Science Department will host the training. and provide academic services to agencies related to sports science and is the department that supports the training for the network of cooperation with the university

 4) Exercise promotion and health rehabilitation Responsible for providing gym services Sports Science Laboratory, Rehabilitation Room, Sports Injury Organize a gym service system Determine the cost of using the gym and strengthen the performance. Supervise, monitor and supervise the project according to the action plan. set the rules in Using the gym and enhancing physical fitness to have standards in the practice of sports science Coordinate in order to facilitate teaching and research for the curriculum and create public relations materials for knowledge of sports science such as the use of exercise equipment. exercise program and sports nutrition

are responsible for promoting and supporting teaching and learning in sports courses that are open to the university through the coordination process Co-planning between the schools various departments with teaching and learning sports courses and carry out activities to promote sports and health To promote the health of students, personnel and people, as well as being responsible for controlling, supervising, maintaining and servicing equipment, stadiums, and sports buildings to drive the university to be the center of sports in the southern region, consisting of 4 events as follows:

1) Teaching and teaching support Has a duty to perform practical teaching tasks and supporting the teaching and learning of sports courses as well as the supervision and supervision of students for teaching and learning of Walailak University

2) Sports and Health Promotion It is responsible for organizing activities to support teaching and learning sports courses. Organize basic sports activities healthy sports sports for excellence Including organizing training / seminars according to the university’s sports strategy network and organize projects/activities with agencies outside the university

3) Field work and sports equipment It is responsible for providing services, controlling, supervising, maintaining, improving stadiums, sports facilities, equipment and sports facilities to meet standards, safety, availability and sustainability. including taking care of the landscape to be beautiful and shady 

4) Admin and Business Development It is responsible for supporting the operations of the officers to be flexible and efficient. Develop a service system and facilitate the department to be efficient. Supervise and develop materials, equipment, and financial systems within the department to be effective.

Center for Cultural and Sports Promotion Structure

** Information as of June 22, 2023

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